Praise (+ a beauty feast)

Julie is an amazing life coach. It’s hard to even put her awesomeness into words!

Having never worked with a life coach before, I didn’t know what to expect, but, I could feel from my first time speaking with Julie that I could put my trust in her. Our journey from start to finish was more helpful than I could have imagined. She is so insightful and smart, a great listener who knows what to say at exactly the right time. She provides terrific tools to utilize both during and in between sessions (but not in a way that ever makes you feel overwhelmed.) She helped me through an extremely difficult time and I’m still drawing on the tools and wisdom she shared with me during our collaboration.

When you’re working with Julie, you truly feel that she is committed to YOU. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader — in the very best way you can imagine. If you’re looking for a coach that is positive, supportive, smart and intuitive, you owe it to yourself to talk with Julie!
— Jennifer
I have worked with Julie for about a year. From the first session, I knew that she was someone who had the care and strength to help me with my goals. Over the past year I have looked forward to our conference call. At first I thought that meetings over the phone would seem impersonal, but in fact the connection is extremely strong and I prefer the comfort and convenience of my own home. I have even been able to move across the country and continue to work with her.

One of the most profound parts of my work with Julie is deep internal work that is both emotional and intellectual. After ever session I feel like I have just had an intense workout. Exhausted, but knowing it makes me stronger.

I would recommend Julie to anyone who is looking for help making BIG decisions, managing anxiety/stress, and understanding how you work. She has helped me personally with each of these things, and I am forever grateful.
— K
Working with Julie has truly been a spirit-shaking experience for me. Each session, Julie brings her radiant, joyful and wise self by listening to your words and thoughts, guiding you through visualizations, meditations and thought-changing strategies. She not only guides you through “the work” each session, she also shares the tools with you to take them into your life and share with others. It has been many months since my culminating session with Julie and I am constantly going back to the tools she taught me during our sessions together. Thank you Julie!
— Jessica
Before I worked with Julie, I was seeking external answers to long lasting, unsettling questions - What is the best job for me? Why do my emotions go up and down? What should I be doing with my life? My work with Julie taught me that the answers actually lie within me, and that my body and instincts carry the clues with which I can begin to discover my passions, callings, and desires. Julie’s warmth, helpful strategies, and complete presence in our work together provided me the spiritual practice and support I needed to develop confidence in my own decision-making. Every session with Julie both provided a chance for in-the-moment reflection and practice and helped me internalize lifelong habits.
— M
I have been having a rough time being confident in my decisions since college. As a result I kept flip-flopping between people and hobbies in an aimless searching fashion. I was referred to Julie through a friend and she helped me tune into my body’s signals which has drastically improved my self confidence and decisions making skills. Since our sessions I am much more at peace with myself.
— Taylor
I have been working with Julie for over a year now, and all I can say is YES! Through the extended time we spend together, I have been able to put conscious effort and clear intention into my life’s path. Having Julie coach me through changes, obstacles, ups, and the inevitable downs, I am empowered to become my truest self. Julie has coached me to realize and actualize the pieces of my life that bring me the most joy. She has come along with me on this ride of life and has given me immense support, and unconditional love. Julie is more than my partner in my thought work, she is my guide!
— Shira
Dear Julie: I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for me this past year. You have been my guide, my coach, my safety blanket (!!) on this painful, surprising, emotional, life-affirming journey. I don’t know how I would have done it without you. I am at such a different place now than I was a year ago and you have made that transition possible.
— L
Julie is one of the most gifted coaches I have had the opportunity to work with! She has a way of holding the space so that I can feel safe to take risks and make leaps that I wouldn’t otherwise...She is incredibly intuitive and insightful and our sessions are so flowing and easy that I am always surprised that I have done such deep work. If you are looking for a graceful, clear, and compassionate coach, call Julie! She ROCKS!
— Laura
I ended up receiving offers from both companies. As of today I signed my offer letter and am joining {Company X}. Done! I went through an interesting internal dialogue though. I received an offer from a great start-up that offered me a terrific title, big role, and attractive compensation - very difficult to turn down . I had to do a lot of soul searching and remind myself it was about what felt right, what would make me happier, what was more in line with where I want life to go. Thanks again for all of your help!
— Scott
I have loved working with Julie. With gentle guidance and astute questioning, Julie has enabled me to find the path to my truest and most joyful self. In the moments where I’ve needed encouragement, Julie has lovingly challenged me to trust my inner wisdom and get out of my own way. Without a doubt, I always leave my sessions with Julie feeling uplifted, focused and full of energy.
— Abbey