wearing an invisibility cloak but no bra

Perhaps like you, before the presidential election, I trusted in a complacent kind of way that voting would be enough.  That I could keep running my life relatively anonymously in the confines of the various safe, cozy closets I’d constructed:  a small apartment in the big city, working only with private coaching clients, with most friends and family several states away.

But now, finally, I’m getting out.  I’m flinging open the doors and getting into the ring.  The election result is a call to action, to leadership, and I'm fucking answering.  I’m ready.

It’s time for me to show up and be a real leader, in public, and to actively spread love and power and courage.  I’m catching up to so many of you who have been in the ring already and I’m eager to contribute even though you may be wondering Well where the hell have you been since November? and that’s okay - I’m okay with criticism.  It’s not my business, and whatever you think about me is right (thanks, Katie) but mostly it’s okay because your criticisms are unlikely to be worse than the ones in my own mind.

The first time I walked past a bookstore that smelled like incense, I turned away in scorn and pretended to gag and puke, rolling my eyes to entertain my family.  It worked.  My teenaged self felt both angry at and sorry for the hippies inside the store who had been hoodwinked into wearing caftans and crystals, pretending to be sooo happy, buying tarot card decks and other scams.  The distaste was tremendous.  And I walked past that East West bookstore in Mountain View, California many, many more times without a single conscious inkling about my future.

Now, I am a certified life coach, a Level 3 reiki practitioner, and self-employed deviant (that’s a joke!) who meditates regularly, burns palo santo like a champion, and holds private ceremonies on both new and full moons.  I consciously work with my own power, like so many of you.  And you know what?

I believe in energy, and trust, and ease.  I believe in cooperation.  I believe in love and healing.  I believe in my own guides and angels who are looking out for me just like yours are looking out for you, whether or not you know it, trust it, or care.

The election results have been helping me understand all the ways I’ve been bound by my own fears about what would happen if I showed up as the lightworker I really am.  I’m learning to not be ashamed anymore.

And I'm no longer going to look at myself through the eyes of the patriarchy.

Because to them, I'm a witch - burning sage, setting intentions / casting spells, connecting with nature, listening to my Orca and Wolf guides, wearing loose clothes (!) - and I've cared about not getting burned at the stake. 

But not anymore.

I want to show up and be responsible, as the servant-leader / lightworker / magic pixie that I am.  We've got work to do as a collaborative, and I'm ready to do my part.  I've got just as much to learn as the next person, but I'm willing to get up and go out and lead by being on the learning team. 

I am DONE being scared.

There is more for me to do.  Our culture wants me to fuss about my hair, but I’m too busy crushing the patriarchy with love (while wearing my invisibility cloak and no bra!). 

I'm way more powerful than I'd ever realized.  And SO ARE YOU.

I am fierce, I am brave, I am ready.  My first group program - in public! - is open.