when it's time for a clearing...

Dear Ones, 

First, thank you so much for taking my two-minute survey from last week!!!  I love knowing what you think, and I truly appreciate your time and energy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  If you wanted to fill it out but didn't quite get around to it, here's the survey link again - you still can!  In fact, please do!  It literally takes less than two minutes, and the questions are multiple choice.  I'll leave the survey open for about another week or so because I'd looove to have your opinion in the mix.

Okay.  Second, it's been a full, strange week - hasn't it?  Everything has felt darkly shadowed by the devastating violence in Orlando and my heart has felt deeply tired of our national gun nonsense.  Also, I've heard from people whose pets are terribly ill.  I've received emails from several recent college graduates who feel lost.  And, I'm still sitting with the new knowledge that one of my family members is treating some scary skin cancer. 

At the same time, there has been soooo much goodness this week, you guys!!!  I've seen police officers helping an epileptic homeless man, I've heard from multiple people who earned promotions at work (congratulations!), and just this morning I met a phenomenal young woman who adores her neurobiology studies and hopes to be a doctor.  

Whew!  As a bona fide SuperFeeler, I always have all the feelings, all the time.  But this week has been extra extra.

So, it's time to talk about clearing.

When you get to Friday evening and you're so exhausted and worn down and grouchy that all you can imagine doing is falling onto the sofa with a carton of ice cream for dinner, it's time for clearing.  When you wake up Saturday morning with a closed-down heart and your weary head still spinning from your crazy work week, it's time for clearing.  When your date with your best friend - that you've anticipated happily for days or even weeks! - finally arrives but you feel heavy and burned out and also sad that you're not as psyched as you want to be, it's time for clearing.  When your week has been extra extra - and you really want to feel refreshed and have a wonderful weekend! - it's time for clearing.

As a SuperFeeler, you have an extraordinary gift:  and that is your sensitivity. 

NOTE:  There is no such thing as being "too sensitive."   Perhaps you can be easily wounded or easily knocked down by the pain of other people, but that is not the fault of sensitivity. 

That is the fault of lacking energetic hygiene. 

(If your mind is saying, Um, excuse me, but I don't believe in "energy"  or other hippie cow-crap then I have a question for you:  Do you believe in light?  How about sound?) 

You see, we all exude energy.  We all absorb it, too.  It's just that we're not often consciously aware of the energetic transmissions taking place.  If you've ever stepped into the middle of a meeting and immediately sensed hostility before hearing a single word spoken, that was energy.  Or if you walked into your supervisor's office and felt relaxed even though your performance review was coming, that was energy, too. 

All humans can do this because we're actually all sensitive to energy.  But the thing with SuperFeelers is that we naturally absorb energy the way my pancakes absorb maple syrup:  we take on more and more until we get all soggy and disintegrate into messy, unpalatable pieces.  Sometimes pancakes don't know what's best for them! 

So we need to practice pancake protection.  I mean, energetic hygiene!  Specifically, we need to practice clearing

And actually, you know what?  Sometimes, this is the best that we can do.  I know we want to be laughing and dancing and hugging each other and courageously making the world a more peaceful, loving, inclusive place, but sometimes all we can do in a given moment is clean ourselves up. This is putting on your own oxygen mask first.  And that's completely okay!  We clean ourselves up, clearing our energetic and emotional fields, so that we become actually available to bring the joy later.  Like, maybe tomorrow. 

So, my dearest SuperFeelers, here is a straightforward method for clearing.  I do a version of this every single day, just like I brush my teeth every day, because I am a believer in excellent hygiene.  You too, right?

1.  Prepare a distraction-free space and carve out a small chunk of time to sit with yourself...say, maybe two or three minutes.  (Mute the phone, turn off music, find a comfy spot to sit or lie down, and give your pet some treats so they're too busy to request a cuddle.) 
2.  Close your eyes. 
3.  Imagine that there are invisible cords of light connecting you to all the things that are stressing you out and weighing you down...such as particular people, or situations, places, circumstances, etc..  You might have 500 cords or 5 - it doesn't matter.  Just see what you see without worrying about doing it right. 
4.  Then imagine that those cords get cut.  It doesn't have to be scary or gruesome; let the cutting be gentle and easy, but swift.  See the cords falling away.
5.  Sit quietly and savor.  Enjoy knowing that your energetic field has been cleared (and that you can do this literally anytime you need to).

If you're feeling inspired, try it a few times, and let me know how it goes for you, okay?  I'd love to know.

Much love,

P.S.  Alternatively, you could simply take a shower.  Consciously imagine that the water is purifying your energy field by washing away all the unnecessary crud, letting the yucky stuff literally go down the drain, leaving your field clean and restored.  This works beautifully for those of us who are extra-sensitive and highly emotional water-hearts.  Um, ask me how I know! :)