"full of things that have never been"

Dear Ones,

Happy New Year!!!  I sit here in New Zealand at a borrowed desk, with beautiful, blustery rain tapping against the windows and a creamy wool blanket keeping me warm.  It's January.

Today I'm offering a few simple wishes. 

(This is partly because I just deleted 18 different email messages of guidance for New Year's plans / goals / dreams / etc., which I find more overwhelming than useful.  Blurgh.)

So.  Here are my heartfelt wishes for you:

May you feel renewed, invigorated, and peaceful as this new year begins. 

May you feel connected with your truest intentions for 2016.

And, perhaps most important:

May you treat yourself with exquisite kindness throughout January, however you feel.

Much, much love,

P.S.  Early January can correlate with much anxiety, so this is where kindness comes into play.  For example, if you really don't want to buy a 2016 calendar yet or make resolutions or create a vision board, I say "Good on you!"  (My favorite Kiwi phrase.)  Instead, ask yourself a strange-sounding question like, "What would kindness do?" Or, "What would peace do?"  Then go do that.

P.P.S.  As you may already know from previous letters, I don't push myself to do any kind of New Year's stuff anymore.  The glorious sense of renewal and my deepest intentions aren't automatic, so I create space for them to surface by letting the whole month of January be The Dreamtime.  If that appeals to you, go for it!  And, good on you!