if life is a television, which channel are you on?

Dear Sugar Shells,

The birds are eating their breakfast at the feeder like tiny champions, Emma the Brave is supervising this cacophonous event through the window as usual, and I am basking in the sense of completion I've had since yesterday afternoon when I finished teaching my second workshop at Yelp. So, all is well here at Casa Lamonica.

I'd say I'm on the Love Channel (!!!).

Have you heard of it?

No, I haven't completely lost my marbles, I promise. Nor have I moved to a hippie commune (yet!). What's happening here is that I'm integrating what two of my brilliant business mentors and friends, Anne and Lisa, have taught me...which is that truly there are only two channels: Love and Fear.

This goes for words, actions, feelings, thoughts, conscious or unconscious, all the time, at any time. We can be operating on the Love Channel or the Fear Channel, but not both simultaneously.

We can transmit love to ourselves, to our friends, to our cats, to the neighbor's gardeners who deafeningly blow the dusty leaves into small tornadoes. We can pay the credit card bill with alacrity, savoring our ability to actually pay it and how delightful it feels to be so gosh-danged responsible.

And when we're not doing those things, we can check to see if we're perhaps unknowingly functioning on the Fear Channel.

If, for example, an enormously beloved friend tells me she is pregnant, and privately I think about how that hasn't happened for me, I'm functioning on Fear.

(Love would simply shine pure congratulations and radiant joy toward her!)

If another beloved tells me she has pre-cancerous growths on her facial skin and I start worrying about how young she is to be dealing with this, I'm on Fear.

(Love would listen, be present and open, and then kindly ask what she needs.)

If my beloved self feels nervous and afraid of screwing up a workshop in front of 63 relative strangers, I can ask, "What would it look like for me to operate on the Love Channel right now?"

(And I know that Love would breathe, call in Courage, and carry forth with a genuine smile to create new points of connection.)

Much love,
P.S. For a gorgeous and simple take on Love and Fear, here's an easy read.