guess what? big (actual) news...

Dear Sugar Shells,

It's an unusually exciting week over here at The Farsighted Life...because, for the second time ever in the history of this newsletter, I've got actual news! 

I won't keep you waiting:  the news is that I'm featured in Business Heroine Magazine.  In fact, I'm on the cover.   (What?!!!)  And in an article

In the photo below, you can see my Business Heroine homegirls and me on our retreat in Mexico.  (This was the massively transformational experience I wrote about earlier this year.)  The miraculous Jade Beall took our photo. 

So.  The July Edition of this magazine went live on Friday last week.  Most people would consider this a legitimate success. 

Wisely, my beloved coach suggested that I notice my own response to this milestone in business.  And my inquiry revealed that I am basically deranged. 

Over the last five days, I've watched myself careen through the wild world of emotion like a pinball on amphetamines. 

I started with pure excitement.  Knowing that I'd be featured, and contemplating actual publicity (!) for my business brought in a sense of happy accomplishment.  However, this only lasted about three seconds. 

Then, when I saw the cover photo - to be perfectly honest! - I jumped straight into a well of embarrassment.  I felt mortified that my face looked all smooshed up awkwardly in that self-conscious smile, and from there it was a short hop to flat-out criticism.  I wondered silently why I didn't get the photogenic gene (not fair!), why my hair chooses to curl only on one side, why I couldn't have been more relaxed and at ease during the photo shoot.  And on and on and on.

As I write this, I can feel the stomach swirls and light-headedness all over again.  I think bashful is not a particularly flattering color on me.

Suffice it to say:  how fascinating that I respond to my own success and increased visibility by shrinking. 

This state of being feels like crap.  Which is why I intentionally decided to share this milestone with you this week. 

Writing this letter to publicly declare this magazine cover is my way of re-wiring my own brain. 

It probably looks like a tiny move, but believe me:  it feels like a giant effort.  Because, true fact:  I strongly prefer to fly under the radar.  I'm very happy swimming beneath the surface, running a boutique firm that's based 100% on referrals from previous clients.  BUT, clearly, my self-inquiry practically screamed that I gotta get out of my own way. 

So:  here I go.
  TOOOOOT!!!  And, woohoo!!!  Woohoo!  WOOHOOOO!!!

Yes, those were the sweet sounds of me tooting my own horn and (finally) celebrating. 

The definition of a Business Heroine is "an entrepreneur who says she will, and does."  I love that, and I'm genuinely honored to be featured among so many incredible women who have carved their own paths in business and created life according according to their unique design.

There.  Now I'm back to feeling free and at ease, which is ALWAYS what happens when I land on the truth.

Much love,
P.S.  If you read the article, I'd love to hear your insights!  Please write, call, share. :)