flummoxed in December

Hello, everyone!

In this last missive of 2014, I send you a giant bear-hug of appreciation for being part of The Farsighted Life.  I'm honored to be in your inbox!  

Cynicism is truly not my thing, but the hullaballoo around New Year's resolutions generally leaves me flummoxed. How about you?  

Some years I've simply opted out. More often I've sat down with a steaming mug of tea to soulfully write resolutions...and then found myself simply making a glorified to-do list.   (Goodness gracious, how I love a list!)  Two years ago, my resolutions included things like "go whale-watching" and "floss."   Hmm.  Not very inspiring.

While there's very little I love more than the zippy flourish of ink on paper as I cross an item off a list, these never felt meaningful enough to count as actual New Year's resolutions.  

Serendipitously, at the end of 2013, I came across a new approach to making resolutions.  I tried it in 2014...and I'm pleased to report that it worked much better for me.  I'll share my new approach with you now.

Instead of asking myself what I want to do, I consider who I want to be.  

So, for example, my 2014 resolutions included being a more present and loving wife.  This was (and still is) enormously important to me.  To my genuine surprise, in many moments of distraction and/or crankiness around my Husberjack, my little resolution to be a more present and loving wife would pop into my mind.  Really!  Setting this intention actually helped when it counted.

My 2015 resolutions might focus on talking to myself with more kindness, and/or being clearer with my boundaries around work.  We'll see.

Regardless of the content, these larger, guiding intentions for growing into the person I want to become have satisfied my desire for actual resolutions that anchor me throughout the year.  I'm sticking with it!

I'd really love to know your thoughts and questions around resolutions.  What works for you? What doesn't?  Where do you get stuck?  Please share.  And, please enjoy my most enthusiastic wishes for a fantastic, love-filled 2015.