Mexican mermaid sparkles

Dear Sugar Shells,

First, a giant WELCOME to all you lovely newcomers!  And, goodness, am I pleased to be back here writing to all of you!  

I’ve been on an unplanned sabbatical from the Flash since my soul-expanding trip to Mexico in February.  

(What I mean by soul-expanding will not fit here.  If you’re curious, I'll have an article on the blog soon.)  

Suffice it to say:  I spent a week by the sea, and it’s like my whole engine got replaced by a team of tranquil mermaids...and now I’m running on a strangely awesome sauce of divine sparkles.   

Since this overhaul, I’ve been experiencing massive internal shifts...which have felt sometimes like growing pains and sometimes more like hurricanes.  Depends on the minute, really.  And I've repeatedly chosen, week after week - despite the constant mental stream of "shoulds" - to continue incubating my new self in a cocoon of chamomile tea, blankets, and jaw-dropping episodes of “The Blue Planet.” (Have you seen this program??! Wow!)  

If this all sounds very dramatic, well, you're right.  It is!  Change may not look like much to an outside observer but it can FEEL like being surprise-tackled by a Pro Bowler when you were innocently folding the laundry. 

So, what's different, you ask?

Lots!  The main thing is that I used to be INSANE, and now I'm relaxed.  The bone-shaking hustle that defined the pace, breadth, and feel of my life - for years - has dropped away.  And I feel so delicious that it simply can't be false. 

My mind insists on troubling itself with questions like, If I'm not pushing, how can I be productive?  If I'm not exhausted, how do I know I accomplished anything?  If I'm not sprinting to the next event, what do I do instead?  If I'm not making a gosh-darned effort, why am I wasting time? 

However, I just can't seem to get worked up about those questions anymore.  The real question becomes:  How flipping marvelous am I willing to let life get? 

This is a puzzle worth cracking.

A piece of my answer includes writing to all of you.  The Farsighted Flash is not a "have-to" on my list; it's a "get-to-do" and, frankly, a tremendous privilege.  So, thank you for inviting me to your inbox.  I've missed you!

With vast love,


P.S. Below is a photo from my Mexican Riviera experience...and if you squint, you might see the silvery mermaids installing new gears. 

P.P.S.  Next week I'm officially letting my inner goofball jump out of the closet - because silliness is totally the new stress.  Wheeee!