growth requires collaboration

I know a lifelong teacher who, when asked what she makes, answers that she makes "space for beautiful things to grow."  Isn't that gorgeous?

As you know, helping beautiful things grow is my jam, too.  And, over time, I've come to believe that growth absolutely requires collaboration.

There!  I said it.  Growth REQUIRES collaboration.

Whether your collaboration partner is a colleague, a coach, your sister, or your cat, you deserve the space and support to grow into who - and where - you want to be.  As Henry David Thoreau has written, "It takes two to speak the truth -- one to speak, and another to hear."

We need to let our private thoughts surface and crash up against someone else's mind.  We need to witness someone else's real live response to our secret judgments, and re-evaluate.  We need our own insights to crystallize by sharing them with someone else.  And, we need hugs!  And chocolate!  (Note that most felines are only semi-dependable in this department.)

This philosophy represents one of the key reasons I created the Self-Care School for Teachers, which begins on February 28.  If you know a teacher who needs some support and thought partnership around making a heart-centered, powerful decision about whether or not to stay in the classroom, I'd love to connect with her or him.