a philosophy of joy

After all the research, thinking, and talking I've done in recent months about joy, here's my best distillation of why it really truly matters:

Joy is not fluffy.  It is not just for tropical beach vacations, Burning Man, or kindergarteners.

Joy is not frivolous.  It's not just for wealthy folks who can afford organic spa treatments, fancy tech gadgets, or the best Italian wines.

Joy is not limited to spontaneous moments!  We don't have to wait for the universe (or other people) to deliver it

Joy is a choice.  Not only can we intentionally cultivate joy in our ordinary daily lives, but also we can flex our vulnerability muscles and stay open to the joy experience when it arrives.

Joy is powerful.  When we take action from a state of joy, we are incredibly efficient!  We accomplish so much - with ease - when we're laughing, loving our present company, and appreciating all that we've got.

Joy is essential.  The world needs more people who light up their own lives, bring joy to everyone around them, and get all kinds of amazing things done. 

This philosophy is why I'm teaching a class on joy.  It matters!   

What's YOUR philosophy of joy?  Please give me a shout and share if you're inspired to do so - I truly love hearing from you.