forehead chocolate

Dear Sugar Shells,

Ahoy and happy Wednesday!  I just wiped some melted chocolate off my forehead, which I think is an excellent and auspicious start to letting out my inner goofball (as promised last week).

First, I want to share with you why I'm choosing to get crazy on the internet. 

All this connects to my absolute terror of technology, fear of public condemnation, and approval addiction.  You know, no big deal.

As a youngster I was often described as shy and quiet.  Quiet, well...YES.  Sheesh!  I'm an observer - always have been, probably always will be.  However, "shy" totally fails to capture the extent of my anxiety around social interaction. 

I've hidden behind my glasses, my braces, my GPA, my hair (not kidding), my busy schedule, my job.  And I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of that, actually.  No judgment.  You see, I did what I needed to do.  Like we all do. 

However:  these days, at age 36, I lovingly and respectfully don't care whether or not you approve of me.  Wheeee!!!

Don't get me wrong - receiving a warm hug of approval can catch me off-guard with delight and I totally, unabashedly relish my niece and nephew's approval - BUT, mostly, I genuinely don't care. 

So!  I'm here to actually offer the bizarre happenings of my mind in the hopes that you might catch a giggle once in a while.  Let's lighten up together, shall we?

More important, I'm doing this because I hope that displaying my crazy on the internet will give you a juicy permission slip to let yourself do something similarly wild and ultimately harmless. 

As I say to my beloved coaching clients, wherever we invest our attention and intention, we've got a spiritual practice. 

With permission slips for everyone (!!!),


P.S.  Another new photo down below...courtesy of the gifted, generous Jade Beall.