it's nephew time!!!!

Dear Sugar Shells,

Happy Birthday to my beloved nephew and a Very Happy Wednesday to all of you! 

Today I'm resurrecting the
Fun Family Photo, and it's the Nephew Edition.  (Just scroll down to see it.)

This particular photo does me few favors...and that's okay.  I'm sharing it here on the internets anyway because I treasure it.  Yes, I'm doing the full self-disclosure thing, and yes, you can see a touch of the goofy, all as promised. 

Mostly I offer this photo today because this exceptionally dear little monkey cracked my heart open four years ago and it only seems fair that I write what's truly on my mind.  So here we are!  It's nephew time. 

Why do I love this fuzzy, unflattering photo, you ask? 

Because you can see my sweet nephew eating his half of the cookie that he chose to share with me.

Because crumbs and smears abound, and you can tell from our messed-up hair that we've been madly jumping on the sofa for the last hour. 

Because you can also see a tradition in the two cups of chamomile tea.  Whenever I drink tea, my nephew has one, too.  (Brilliantly, Grandma drops an ice cube in his cup, and then we say "Cheers.") 

Because we ate our cookies snuggled up just like this.  Nephew's choice.

What you can't see is my worry about cookie in my teeth, or my concern about funky hair, or the fact that I hadn't cleaned my glasses that day.  These minutiae took up some psychological space, and if I'm being really honest, they pop into my mind now as I contemplate hitting the "send" button...

But:  what's more important is what you CAN see, and that is I love love love being this monkey's Aunty. 

Welcome to my heart space,

P.S.  My uber-darling niece turned two in February when The Farsighted Flash was on hiatus.  She shall have her very own Flash soon!

P.P.S.  Technically, this is a newsletter.  And this time, there's actual news!!!  Hold on to your hat...