we're doing the Letter E!

Happy Wednesday, Sugar Shells!

Welcome to all you new folks, first of all.  I'm psyched that you're here! 

Today we're talking about summer school. And teachers.

(If you just broke out in hives, I'm sorry.)

You may already have the pleasure of knowing that my dad is a thirty-something-year veteran high school teacher.  He's the kind of teacher who has become a school institution, you know? And, as soon as his summer vacation began last week, he drove to my sister's house and started teaching summer school for the sugar monkeys.

What could "summer school" possibly look like for a five-year-old and a two-year-old, you ask?  

Well, please scroll down and enjoy this week's Fun Family Photo.
It's about one hour of phonics and number sense with
special M&Ms sitting on the table and a shiny pencil that says "You Are Doing Great Work." And as of yesterday, pirate stickers.

But the main thing is joy. Total, pure, light-in-the-eyes JOY.

When I subbed for my dad yesterday, for example, the sugar monkeys were literally waiting for me at the window to arrive, and they literally screamed with enthusiasm when it was time to begin.  "YES," my nephew said. "Today we're doing LETTER EEE!!!"

So I can easily see why a bone-tired professional educator like my dad would freely choose to spend his precious summer vacation like this. The sugar monkeys unabashedly LOVE summer school. Their unrestrained enthusiasm is both addictive and expansive.

Of course, this experience has got me wondering where in my own life I'm showing up like the monkeys do. (Yes, even at age 36.)

Where am I screaming with joy before things have even begun??
Where am I growing and learning and becoming even more powerful??
Where am I expanding and including others in a bubble of nourishing light??!

Hmm. Whatever answer comes through, you can bet that I'll be doing MORE of it. Because in my world that is absolutely the stuff that counts.