Dear Sugar Shells,

As you read this, I may be literally hurtling through the friendly skies, flying to New Zealand for a whole month of adventures and wearing "soft pants" with Abbey! 

So, because I enjoyed using this tool for my own SFO airport experience, today I'm sharing with you a lovely, brief video from one of my meditation retreat teachers, Pascal Auclair.  He is filmed in an airport, dropping some seriously powerful questions with a gentle smile.  The video lasts one minute and twenty-two seconds (!) and you will want to give Pascal a hug at the end of it. 

Sneak preview:  Pascal discusses the "economy of energy" that blooms in the light of applying his power questions. 

(And he's so right!  If you are breathing, believe me - you could definitely use this tool at this intense time of year.) 

May you enjoy it!  And may you be peaceful, healthy, safe, and at ease.

Much love,


P.S.  Can you tell that I have finally hired a designer to perform her magic on my website?  She is the amazing Andrea (!!!), and I'm beyond grateful for all her splendid work.