a name change and other news

Julie Lamonica Martha Beck Certified Life Coach

Dear Sugar Shells,

It's announcement day!  Twirl!

I've got a bunch of news to share, and this December I've given myself a permission slip to not write holiday cards (as much as I genuinely enjoy that ritual) so today's letter is kind of like a giant mega-card for all of you.  Imagine that it's three feet tall and covered in sparkly glitter and magically playing your favorite holiday song right now!

A Name Change

First, I've changed the name of my business.  "The Farsighted Life" has served me well, not least because I'm a loyal word-nerd and relish the alliteration of The Farsighted Flash, but the time has come to fondly retire this early draft of my business name.  The term farsighted reflects my focus on my clients' long-term well-being, which I like, but for a while now I've felt that it lacked a touch of, well, oomph factor.  I need more oomph!

And, over the last three months or so, I've been thinking very carefully about my work, sitting with big questions.  What is the core of what my clients learn and do and receive from working with me?  What am I hoping to give the most?  What outcome do I most want to see for my beloved clients and for the highest good of the world at large?

What I realized is that the answer to those questions is happiness.

Not happiness as a fleeting emotional experience, and not happiness as some kind of destination (because that's impossible), but happiness as a profound state of being. 

And to get there, we must DO things.  We must make choices (like not checking email immediately upon waking in the morning, before I've even put on my glasses!).  We must decide how we will spend our time, and with whom - because time is our one non-renewable resource!  We must choose to stop absorbing everyone else's stuff and emit our own frequency, with love and clarity and power.

AND, we must handle the consequences.  What is the cost of neglecting a friendship until it dies?  What is the cost of leaving a secure job to start something new (and inherently risky)?  What is the cost of taking one day a week to turn off the cell phone?

Honestly, the phrase "pay the price" turns me off a little, but it works - because it captures the reality that there are real costs associated with creating your own uniquely happy life.  So, the question becomes:  What costs are you willing to bear?

Real, true, abiding happiness is the result of conscious, repeated efforts.  It is not an accident. 

Happiness is living a collection of skillful practices - intentional ways of doing and being (!) that promote our own wellness.  It happens when we insist on it, over and over again, relentlessly.  And this insistence is what I'm interested in - the fierce devotion required to create lasting happiness. 

And that is why the new name of my business is Devoted.   I hope you like it!  You're warmly invited to check out my website renovation here

A New Program

I'm ridiculously fortunate to say that most of my private coaching clients re-hire me at the end of our three months together.  I mean, really, how cool is that!  And, I'm even more fortunate to say that I've worked with several beloved clients for more than a year.

(When I reflect on working with beloveds for an entire year, a memory pops in:  I'm in a small, bare office on a high school campus, meeting with a nervous teacher at 7am...and, oh, right!  There's a theme here.  That memory comes from my job as Academic Dean for just one high school, leading professional development for the staff and supervising half the teachers.  It was my hands-down favorite of my thirteen years in education.)

I mention these fun facts because a key insight recently clicked into place:  I passionately prefer the depth of longer collaborations.  I make space for beautiful things to grow, and that really does take time. 

I like being honest about that. 

The transformations that matter do not happen overnight, despite cool internet promises and fun commercials and our adrenaline-soaked culture. 

So, I created The Devoted Mentorship to intentionally do this deep, sustained work for an entire year.  12 whole months!  365 days!   Woohooooo!  It's my new favorite thing (besides my amazing new sweatshirt, pictured below). 

You are wholeheartedly invited to check out this program and also to apply if you feel in your bones that I might be your person.  See all the details here


I swear I was the last person in the San Francisco Bay Area to get a cell phone (and even at that, it was a gift).  So I'm super proud of myself for joining Instagram before the end of this decade.

Did you know Instagram is the perfect place for me to post all my niece and nephew photos???!  I'm having so much fun over there!  You're warmly invited to follow me - my username / handle thingy is "julie_on_adventure."  I'm focused on offering beauty feasts galore, and I love seeing other people's lives and photos, too. 

New Zealand

Speaking of "julie_on_adventure," starting December 17, I'm going to the southern hemisphere!  The flight is seventeen hours long!  I'll be torturing one of my favorite people for about a month in New Zealand, and having all kinds of adventures.

While I'm there, I'll be writing, coaching, reading your emails, and sharing photos from my trip, so I suppose that's extra incentive to make sure we're connected on Instagram.  I expect to learn some excellent kiwi phrases and I promise to sprinkle them into my next letters for you.

Much, much love, and Happy Everything!