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Martha Beck Certified Life Coach - Julie Lamonica

Martha Beck Certified Life Coach - Julie Lamonica

Happy Friday, Dearest Sugar Shells!

l am back from Stinson Beach and finally out of my post-retreat recovery pajamas.  But, believe me - the afterglow continues.  It's been five days since it ended, and I'm still feeling completely delighted by all the co-created beauty in this experience.  

I've been wondering what of the retreat I would share here, with all of you.  And what comes to mind is a question.

Have you ever walked by a yoga studio while a class was in session?  

If so, you may have seen yogis sitting cross-legged...or standing at the front of their mats...or perhaps even lying down.  And, as someone who has practiced yoga off-and-on for fifteen years, I've often gotten distracted in class and mused about the thoughts of various passersby who chance to see fifteen people lying down on mats in an "exercise" class.  

I can see from their perspective that this might not look like much.

And at the same time, I know that when I'm standing on the mat, my entire body is working.  (All ten toes spread wide and grip the floor; the quadriceps engage, gently spiraling upward; the deep inner abdominal muscles draw the low belly in to support the spine; and much, much more.)  

This is what the retreat was like.  

From an outsider's perspective, we would have looked like a cheerful group of women hanging out on an excellent beach vacation...talking, eating, sitting around the fireplace, wrapped in sweaters.  No big deal.

BUT, this outsider would have been fooled.  

While vacation features (such as naps and beach walks) were intentionally involved, the experience was actually a life re-calibration.  Enormously important decisions became known; powerful supportive practices were established; wise insights crystallized and clicked into place.  
The work was deep, because that's what I do.   

Today one of the beloved participants emailed me a quick note and casually said, "I have been able to go through my week with a deeper capacity for calm and joy."  

I really let that sink in for a moment.  I really felt what that might be like for her, thinking about all the people in her life who get to benefit from this quietly powerful shift.  And Iknew it was a massive win...and I'm beyond proud of her, and endlessly grateful.  

So, suffice to say:  this deep inner work shall continue.  Compared to a school classroom, it might not look like much, I know, but that's not the point.  

The point is that it IS possible to become someone who feels fully alive, open to all the feelings, and powerfully lit from within.  It is possible to be incandescent.  It takes commitment and intention and energy.  It asks you to become a researcher of your own interiority, and that needs effort.  But it's possible

(Note that you can absolutely accomplish this on your own, but having tried that myself, I know that it happens a whole hell of a lot faster when you place yourself in the care of a loving wayfinder like me.)

If you want this for yourself, then please pause and celebrate that desire for a quick sec...and then consider these offerings:

The next retreat has taken up residence in my psyche and in my calendar.
  It's happening January 28 - 31, 2016.  

And, I'm dreaming up a Shiny New Program that involves me doing an intensive, one-on-one mentorship with a wildly special person for a whole year. (!!!)  Full details coming soon, but definitely jump the gun and ping me if you think this is for you.

Much love,