Hi there!  I'm Julie.

After spending six years as a classroom teacher and seven more years as a teacher trainer, I ditched my respectable education career to fully claim my closet identity as a life coach.  I was lucky to receive formal coach training from the inimitable Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author and Oprah-featured pioneer, and her team of extraordinary master coaches.

So, what's a coach, you ask?  Good question.  I’m a guide, a mentor, a healer, a magic pixie:  a highly-sensitive type with weirdly accurate intuition and an indomitable urge for truth-telling (which got me into a lot of trouble as a kid!).  I also come equipped with tremendous love for people and their stories.  I'm a hugger.

My beloved clients are tough-minded, sensitive, tender-hearted people whose professional lives and personal lives intersect and overlap, generating complexity and challenge.  They are ambitious and unafraid to work hard.  I work with tech executives, moms, school principals, attorneys, academics, business owners, teachers, engineers, and more.  What they share is a desire to bring more truth into their unique lives - because they want to feel fully alive and free.  They also share an unshakable sense of responsibility for their own results.

I particularly specialize in helping women who have followed all the rules, doing everything right, winning approval and accolades from their family, their colleagues, and even their pets...but who sense that something important is missing.  They feel a little sad, a little frustrated, stuck, and generally unhappy; they want MORE and don't know what or why or how to get it.  They feel what I felt:  an urge to live a brighter, easier, more magical life that's filled with grace, authenticity, and freedom.  And happiness

I help my clients become supersonic, unstoppable, luminous -  truly happy - by accessing and knowing their unique truths.  We rigorously look at what’s beneath the surface (instead of pushing things down or ignoring).  We build the courage to live freely - even if that means breaking rules.  And we build the muscles to keep choosing happiness, over and over again, with relentless devotion. 

This kind of devotion tends to be an intense experience, and it’s not for everyone! 

BUT:  temporary discomforts yield extraordinary clarity, power, and freedom, and I LOVE seeing people transform their lives through this work.  My secret mission here on earth is to bring more beauty into the world:  the kind of powerful, radiant, unstoppable beauty that comes from living a happy, fully alive life.

a note on How Coaching Differs from Therapy

Here are some basic differences - and we can discuss this further during a consultation, if you like: 

I am a certified coach, not a therapist.

Therapists are trained to treat folks who are psychologically unwell in some way.  (No judgment - I’ve been there, and therapy saved my life.) Coaches help well people who want to live more powerfully.  This distinction is akin to the the relationship between doctors and personal trainers:  if your arm is broken, you see a doctor; if you want to tone your biceps, you see a trainer. 

Another difference is that therapy tends to focus on things that happened in the past in order to heal any wounds.  While the past certainly plays a role in coaching, the focus is on the future:  handling the present while looking forward and creating the client's desired future.

Personally, I bring my teaching experience to bear in my coaching practice:  I teach skills, I ask tons of uncomfortable questions, and I bring a lot of love.  My clients learn and practice the tools they need - in our safe shared space - so they can skillfully handle their unique circumstances.  To this end, I offer lots of feedback, ask lots of questions, and willingly share my personal experience if it can usefully illuminate a client's challenge. 

If you're not sure whether you want coaching or therapy, I'd be happy to help you get clear.  I make referrals to trusted therapists in my professional network as well as to other highly qualified coaches.