To my ongoing surprise, people ask me all the time why I'm so happy...from friends to colleagues to completely strangers, including the elderly cafe patron who sweetly demanded, "What's your secret?"

Well, the answer is not that I'm lucky, lobotomized, or unusually fortunate.  Nope.

It's that I've insisted on being deeply happy.  And, you can, too.  (Seriously!  I used to be anxious and over-worked and miserable and ugh...I could go on.)

Frankly, choosing real happiness can be a scary endeavor sometimes...because we're actually socialized to ignore our deepest, most essential selves.  We're socialized to be good, and this socialized part of you is the part that thinks it knows best.  But you know what?  It doesn't.  Being good is not the same as being happy

Real happiness takes effort and intention and courage.  It takes devotion.  And we must devote ourselves to being happy, over and over again, relentlessly - through sticking passionately by the truth of our deepest selves and relying on our innermost pluck.

You're here to crack puzzles, tackle the big challenges, and step powerfully into creating a really, truly, genuinely happy life.  Yes??? 

Excellent.  You're in the right place.